Finally, it’s here, the unbreakable “Thattu Kazhi” Say goodbye to cracks, splinters, and sound fluctuations in your old “Thattu Kazhi” After extensive research and scientific experimentation, we are proud to present to you, a state of the art, crack-proof, splinter-free, perfectly crafted “Thattu Kazhi”
The Unique properties of our,”Thattu Kazhi”

Fungus resistant
Non- fading

Crafted out of high-density fiber Environment friendly Designed with the smoothest finish Specially engraved with your name Available in 3 convenient sizes appropriate to your personal preference Specially Designed for uniform sound production

The Unique properties of our,
“Thattu Kazhi”


What makes our product so unique

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The material

Our avante garde ‘Thattu kazhi is made out of high quality, high-density fiber which makes it
tremendously resistant to stress, heat and breakage, The material has been selected after intensive
laboratory testing. She physical and chemical properties of the fiber have been studied in detail so as to
provide you with the highest quality. Its texture is smooth, cool to the touch and pure white in colour
The characteristics of the material make the Thattu kazhi fit for lifelong usage. Since the fiber never
nears off you get consistent sound and tone quality

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The size

The new age Thattu kazhi is available in 3 convenient sizes and weights, keeping in mind the
differences in personal tastes and requirements, The sizes are (1O inches 118grams). (10.25 inches
12 grams). (10.5 inches 124 grams).

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Specially engraved

Your Thattu kazhi is your own, Re specially engrave your name on it to prevent loss and mix-ups.
The engraving is done in English, capital letters, and a standard font (font size 3mm and depth 1.5mm. )
You may choose from a variety of colours and patterns. (options shown in the order form)

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Do sand Don’ts

It’s advisable to avoid striking the Thattu kazhi directly on marble or rtiled floors to prevent damage to
the floor. Gash the Thattu kazhi with soap and water, once in a month, to keep it sparkling white.

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we guarantee the lifetime performance of our product. be are committed to high quality and
customer satisfaction and will gladly exchange your, Thattu kazhi for a new one if you are
dissatisfied in any way with your piece. ( please mention specific details about the complaint

These are times when tradition and innovation need to complement one another. By creating this
product, we have just taken the first step towards that goal.


Contact : B.P. Haribabu , # 30 1st, Cross Street, West C.l.T. Nagar, Chennai – 35.
Mobilie +91 9380 333 222 I, Res: 044 2224 7911

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